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Form IETE- 4/2

Last Date for Enrolment for June exam is 28 February and for December exam is 31 August. Please submit your application preferably 15 days before these dates.
I wish to enroll myself as a Student Member of  
(as per High School Certificate)
Date of Birth  
Father’s Name  
Correspondence Address
(with PIN code)
Permanent Address
(with PIN code)
Tele phone No.  
Mobile Phone No.  
Educational Qualifications :

(Attach attested copies of certificates Age/ Qualification/ Training/ Study etc.)

Examinations Passed


Board/ University

Year of Passing

Class 10 with General Science and Maths


10+2/ Intermediate

(Physics and Maths)








B.Sc / M.Sc/ BE / B.Tech



Certificate Practical Experience/Training/Study
(to be filled in by the Head of Dept/ Institution/ Organization)


Having satisfied myself in respect of the applicant’s qualification and experience, I recommend him/ her to the Council as being in every way a fit and proper person to be admitted as a STUDENT MEMBER of the Institution, in accordance with Byelaw 17 (for DipIETE) or Bylaw 15 / Bylaw 16 (for AMIETE)

Name of the Proposer

Mem. No.



I declare that the information given in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.


1.      The institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) neither recognizes nor accepts affiliations of any Private Coaching Institute/ College.

2.      Membership form IETE-2 forms part of the Regulation & Syllabi of DIPIETE/AMIETE Examination

3.      * In Case candidate is finding difficulty in getting his application proposed, he may send his application to HQ, IETE directly for necessary assistance.

4.      Student member are advised to ensure that they do not accept the membership form (IETE-2) without the copy of the Regulation and syllabi of DIPIETE/ AMIETE Examination.

5.      Fees once paid will neither be adjusted nor be refunded under any circumstances.

INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANTS (To be retained by the student)

(To be read in conjunction with Regulations & Syllabi for AMIETE Examination) 

      1.       a)         There are two streams available to a candidate for enrolment in DipIETE viz. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering. Applicant is required to write his enrolment option in Column 1.

b)         There are three streams available to a candidate for enrolment in AMIETE viz. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology. Applicant is required to write his enrolment option in Column 1.

      2.      Applicants are advised to submit their forms duly filled in direct to the IETE HQ. IETE neither recognizes nor accepts affiliation of any private coaching institution. Col 10 if filled and certified by these institutions will not be accepted. Incomplete application form will be rejected.

      3.      One shall be allowed to appear in the DipIETE/ AMIETE Examination only after one’s enrolment as a Student member with the Institution. Only those Student members who get enrolled on or before 28th February and 31st August will be allowed to appear in the next DipIETE/ AMIETE Examination, held in June and December respectively. Processing of application takes minimum 15 days, therefore to get enrolled, the application completed in all respect must reach IETE HQ well before 14th February for June examination and 14th August for December Examination. Time period for LAB practice examination is counted from the date of enrollment, therefore, students are advised not to wait for last dates but get enrolled as early as possible.

      4.      Candidates are advised to submit all documents such as Membership Form, Identity Card, IETE Membership Card, self addressed envelope duly filled in, Qualification Certificates, Mark Sheet, Date of Birth Certificate and Experience Certificate (attested copies are required to be submitted ) along with, the declaration on the reverse of the Membership Card duly signed by the candidate to IETE HQ only.

      5.      Membership No. will be allotted by IETE HQ Office. Candidates are advised to leave these columns blank. Membership No will be mentioned while corresponding with IETE HQ.

      6.      Candidates are advised to paste their stamp size photograph and fill in other columns of the Identity Card and IETE Membership Card. The photographs pasted (not stapled) on the application and Membership Card should be attested by either a Corporate member of the Institution or a Gazetted Officer, with his membership No./ Stamp affixed on it. They must write their complete address with Pin Code No.

      7.      Membership number, Identity card, receipt of amount paid and examination form will be sent to the applicant within 8-10 weeks of receipt of the application in IETE HQ.

      8.      FEE FOR ENROLMENT

                                                                        Members in India                     Members Abroad

(Rs)                                         (US $)

Admission Fee                                                200.00                                     40.00

Application Fee                                               200.00                                     40.00

Building-cum-Library Fee                               1300.00                                   260.00

Composite Subscription (for 5 years)            1800.00                                   360.00

Lab Infrastructure Fee                                    500.00                                     100.00

Development Fee                                           500.00                                     100.00

Establishment Fee                                          500.00                                     100.00

Total                                                               5000.00                                   1000.00


    9.       Once the candidate is enrolled, the enrolment fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

    10.  All remittances shall be made by crossed Bank Draft, drawn in favour of “Secretary General, IETE, New Delhi”.MONEY ORDER, CHEQUES, IPO or CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    11.  Any change in the mailing address should be notified immediately. This will help the Office to keep its database up-to-date, and mail important Circulars/Notices/Letters and Journals of Education at the correspondence address.

    12.  The IETE neither recognizes nor accepts affiliations of any private coaching institution.

    13.  The student membership will be valid for 10 consecutive examinations from the date of enrollment. Thereafter, the student members not completing their DIPIETE/ AMIETE Examination are to seek re-enrollment by remitting applicable amount before or immediately after the expiry of the membership period to continue their membership to enable them to appear in the remaining papers and complete DipIETE/ AMIETE. Any examination chance not availed by a student due to whatsoever reason will be counted within 10 examinations. No Notice for renewal of membership will be sent.

    14.  A student is required to complete DipIETE/ AMIETE Examination within 2 enrollment periods from the date of initial enrollment. The student will, therefore, be permitted to seek only one renewal of membership. Renewal is to be applied for before or immediately after the expiry of initial enrollment with continuity of enrollment maintained by the student. Missed chances will be counted towards total number of examinations and no relaxation in this regard will be permissible. If the request for renewal is made after the stipulated period of two enrollments, admission will be treated as a fresh enrollment and no benefit in terms of exemptions in respect of subject(s) passed or exempted during the earlier enrolment will be granted. Students must renew their membership in time. Otherwise they will not be allowed to appear in the DipIETE/ AMIETE examination.

    15.  All Legal cases concerning IETE HQ shall lie within jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.

    16.  Every Student member successfully completing Sections A&B subjects and project work of DipIETE/ AMIETE Examination as per regulations prescribed by the Council from time to time shall be awarded a certificate of having passed the DipIETE/ AMIETE examination of the Institution. The student is required to pay conversion fee as applicable. The pass marks for DipIETE/ AMIETE Examination is 40% in individual subject (except Project & Lab Practice) with an aggregate of 50% marks with other conditions/norms as laid down by the Institution. Pass marks for Project & Lab Practice Examination are 50%.

     17.    First examination application form as per the stream opted by the student will be dispatched to him/her along with the identity card at the time of enrolment.