Access Instructions
Configurations required in Internet Explorer browser

1. Use Internet Explorer browser as compared to Netscape Navigator to access the portal properly .
If any third party tools of popup blockers such as Google, Yahoo! Companion, etc. exists, uncheck the options on the Internet Explorer standard toolbar by clicking on the View menu, Toolbars then uncheck Google, Yahoo etc.

2. Enable Active-X Controls. In the Tools menu , go to Internet Options, Security, Custom Level, Enable Run Active-X controls.

For Windows XP SP2 :

3. If the operating system is Windows XP SP2, disable your third party popup blockers from the browser:

In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, point to Pop-up Blocker

Click Turn off Pop-up Blocker. Pop-up Blocker is On by default. You need to turn it Off .

4. Turn off Windows Firewall.

To turn Windows Firewall Off, you must log on to this computer as administrator or have editing rights to complete this procedure.

Open Windows Firewall by clicking on Start , Control Panel , and then double-click Windows Firewall.

On the General tab, click on Off .