LMS (Learning Management System) INSTRUCTIONS

Learner can take only one course at a time. If the user is accessing a course, the system will not allow the user to take another course. The system will popup a message " You are currently accessing a course. Please close that to open this course ". If you get the message even after closing all course windows, then you have to re-login to reset the status.

Multiple logins with the same id is not possible. Please note that while someone is logged into the system and if another person logs on using the same id and password then the first person would be automatically logged out.

Always click on the " Close Course Window " button while exiting from the course. The Course status and score will not update if the window is not closed using the "Close Course Window" button.


Benefits of LMS

LMS is used to deliver rich e-Learning content via the web & track student responses

Just-in-Time Web-based Training   Faster Learning

Students are allowed to take training at a pace they are comfortable with, when and where it is convenient for them, at work, at home or anywhere they have an Internet connection. No more being late for class, waiting for other students to figure things out or listening to things you already know.

With eLearning students will learn up to twice as much in half the time that they would in classroom training.  This is because the course progresses as fast as the student can learn without worry for other students or an instructor.student receives the same high quality content.

Higher Levels of Assessment   Minimum Travel Expenses

With an e-Learning Solution student activity can be tracked down to the finest level.  Every student response to quizzes, simulations and exams can be tracked and fed into customizable reports. Students can be held more accountable than they ever have been in the past. 

With web-based training there is no need to coordinate hundreds of different and conflicting schedules and no need to pay for student travel to a training site.  The training goes to you when you need it.