Code: DC-16                                                         Subject: VISUAL BASIC & APPLICATIONS

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                     Max. Marks: 100


NOTE: There are 9 Questions in all.

·      Question 1 is compulsory and carries 20 marks. Answer to Q. 1. must be written in the space provided for it in the answer book supplied and nowhere else.

·      Out of the remaining EIGHT Questions answer any FIVE Questions. Each question carries 16 marks.

·      Any required data not explicitly given, may be suitably assumed and stated.


Q.1       Choose the correct or best alternative in the following:                                         (2x10)


a.       <pre> tag is used for


                   (A)  Aligning the text                            (B)  Pre formatting the text

(C)    <Link>                                        (D)  None


b.      The default data type in Visual Basic is


                    (A)  Variant                                        (B)  Integer

 (C)  String                                          (D) Boolean


             c.   For a local variable in a procedure to retain its value between calls, it must be declared with keyword __________


                   (A)  Public                                           (B)  Private

                   (C)  Protected                                     (D)  Static


             d.   The following is not an attribute of the font element


                   (A)  Size                                              (B)  Method

(C)  Color                                           (D)  Face


             e.   <BR> tag is used for


                   (A)  Tool tip                                        (B)  Character spacing

(C)  Line break                                    (D)  Line spacing


f.     What are the different types of record sets that VB can have


(A)     Dynaset & snapshot                     (B)  Tables, Records

(C)  Dynaset                                        (D)  SQL Oracle & Access


             g.   Give the output of the following code

                      Dim X

                      for i = 1 to 4

                      for j = 1 to i-1

                      Print “A”

                      Next j

                      Next i


                   (A)  prints A 7 times                            (B)  prints A 5 times

(C)  prints A 4 times                            (D) prints A 6 times


             h.   Give the output of the following code

                       Dim s(7) As Integer

                       Dim x As Integer


                       Print x

(A)    prints 7                                         (B) prints 5

(C) prints 4                                          (D) prints 6


             i.   What are the different types of Record Sets that Visual Basic can have?

(A)     Table, Dynaset & Snapset            

(B)     Tables, Records & Views

(C)     Networked, hierarchical & Object based

(D)    SQL, Oracle & Access



             j.   What is the initial sequence in which the following events are triggered when a form is loaded?

(A)   Initialise, Resize, Paint and Load

(B)   Load, Initialise, Resize and Paint

(C)   Initialise, Load, Paint and Resize

(D)  Initialise, Load, Resize and Paint



Answer any FIVE Questions out of EIGHT Questions.

Each question carries 16 marks.

  Q.2     a.   What are the typical Visual Basic Applications.                                                   (2)


             b.   Explain the salient features of VB.                                                                       (4)


             c.   Differentiate the characteristics of MDI and SDI forms.                                       (4)


             d.   Briefly explain three controls present in VB IDE.                                                 (6)


  Q.3     a.   Explain different types of data types in VB.                                                         (4)


             b.   Explain Scope & Life time of a variable.                                                             (4)          


             c.   Write a VB program to implement the following loop structures                              

(i)                  For ………. Next loop

(ii)                Do……… Loop                                                                       (8)


  Q.4     a.   Explain the following string functions with examples 


(i)                  Left

(ii)                Right

(iii)               Mid                                                                                                       (6)


             b.   Identify and correct the errors you may simply need to add code.  The following code should print numbers 1 to 10 on the form

                   Dim N As Integer


                   Do While N < 10

                   Print N

                   Wend                                                                                                                (5)


             c.   Explain different Date and Time function available in VB?                                    (5)


  Q.5     a.   Write a VB program to implement Bubble Sort.                                                  (6)


             b.   What is the utility of Flex Grid Control? Explain the following:-

(i)                  ColPosition

(ii)                RowHeight

(iii)               Clip                                                                                                       (8)


             c.   How do you create a class in VB?                                                                      (2)


  Q.6           Write short notes on:-                         


(i)                  HTML

(ii)                Active X Control

(iii)               COM/OLE

(iv)              Windows API                                                                           (4 * 4=16)


  Q.7           Explain the following:-

(i)                  Slider Control

(ii)                Checked check box

(iii)               Microsoft  mask property

(iv)              Timers

(v)                Modal dialog box

(vi)              File list box

(vii)             Folder object

(viii)           Shell function.                                                                                      (16)          


  Q.8     a.   Find the error in the following program

                   Private Procedure Huge (P As Integer) As Variant

                                                                                                           Dim P As String


                                                Print “p is “ & P

                                               Huge = P

                                               End Procedure                                                                       (2)


             b.   Give an overview of VB IDE.                                                                             (6)


             c.   Write different properties of creating menus at Design time.                                 (8)


  Q.9     a.   How many objects are present in ASP?  Describe any three objects.                (10)


             b.   What are the application of IIS server? (6)